Why You Should Work with an Architect on Your Next Construction Project

With the Internet replete with informative construction blogs and helpful building videos, it is easy to think that anybody can don the hard hat and start building in the modern construction boom. However, access to information does not make the actual job any less difficult, so the need to consult and collaborate with trained professionals is just as real today as it has ever been. The following breakdown looks at how working with an architect will be of significant benefit for your next construction project.

Architects Are Skilled Problem Solvers

Any construction project begins as a quest to satisfy the wants and needs of a client. The challenge lies in finding a way to accomplish this while staying within the restrictive confines of space, time, and budget. 

Architects are trained to make your life easier in this regard. They specialize in finding creative solutions to complex construction problems, often in ways that you may have never imagined on your own. For example, if a building is having drainage issues, an architect may be able to figure out how to adroitly incorporate a pre sloped trench drain that does not require you to completely demolish the existing floors; or if energy consumption is eating a building alive, architects can find sustainable means of insulating the space, making the building more energy efficient in the process.

Architects Can Help Save Money

While the up-front cost of hiring an architect may seem daunting, it will be a worthy investment due to the subsequent cost savings that will arise as a result of the collaboration. Among the ways that architects can help reduce the cost of a construction project includes:

  • Increased efficiency and less waste through more detailed planning. By carefully getting all details down on paper and computer software prior to starting a build, architects can help reduce the costs associated with trial-and-error building methods
  • Building with the future in mind. In 2021, the future of construction lies in sustainability. The best architects know how to let the sun do most of the heavy lifting to meet a building’s energy needs, successfully employing products such as low E windows and architectural grilles to help reduce utility bills over time
  • Improved accuracy of the budget and schedule. Any time that a project goes over bid or is not completed on schedule, the cost of the project goes through the roof. An architect can help you avoid taking out costly emergency financing or paying for extra labor or extended equipment rentals by helping you come to a more accurate up-front estimate of what resources the project will require.

Architects Are at the Forefront of Innovation

While engineers and experienced construction personnel know how to build, architects always seem to add a much-needed sense of style to any project. This can help make your building both functional and trendy. For example, rather than using standard drop insulation, architects will likely recommend an acoustic baffle system to help make a building more soundproof; rather than partition a building with the typical gray walls, architects may recommend customizable glass partitions to allow for a more vibrant, multi-faceted space.

Architects Can be a Skilled Liaison with the Client

Although construction projects aim to fill the wants and needs of a client, it is essential to have a client in order to put the project in motion. Through their skillful and creative approach to planning, architects can help you win over clients. Their artful interpretations and high-quality 3D renderings can cause potential clients to fall in love with a project before the ground is ever broken. They can also assist you in answering all of the “why’s?” that arise during client consultations and help alleviate concerns about how innovative designs will conform to local building codes.


Despite greater access to information, the unique challenges that arise over the course of a construction project are as real in 2021 as they have ever been. As a result, the aforementioned factors help demonstrate the need to solicit the professional touch of an architect for your next construction project.

Skylar Ross is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. He is a blogger and content writer for the architecture industry. Skylar is focused on helping architects and building designers discover new techniques, find ways to save on costs and discover new modern innovative materials to use in their next project.

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