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ESD is a Charlotte-based architecture and design firm that was recently acquired by Oakline Studio. We provide commercial architecture, interior design, and consulting services throughout the United States, with particular expertise in financial, corporate facilities, retail stores, and restaurants. Together with Oakline Studio, we hold architecture licenses in multiple states.

ESD began building a legacy of design excellence in 1992 by specializing in meeting the unique needs of customer service-focused clients in the financial industry. Today, our professional staff of architects, interior designers, and project managers continue to develop strong solutions for our clients.

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No two clients are exactly the same.

Impact your brand and organization
It opens the door for a long-term relationship, a chance to make a major contribution to a client’s enduring success and growth. By offering individualized design through expertise, we help clients look beyond the here-and-now and consider how the decisions they make today will continue to impact their brand and organization far into the future.